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Life is pretty awesome,

And so am I


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DemonicAngel67 - Gaia
Hiyo~! The name's Diana, but PLEASE, call me Nana (or Dai, either works). :D
I'm nineteen years old, a Leo, and a Monkey~! ^^
I love sports, especially soccer, and a whole lot of other stuff. xD
I adore Anime and Manga, and I cosplay all the time, I also roleplay quite a bit.
I live in Texas, and no, I don't ride horses to school, yes I have a cell phone, and yes I like pie, thanks for asking~!
I IS HISPANIC~! 100% Salvadoreña~!
My favorite color is the color PINK~!
I love to play games, all kinds really.
Music = life. That is all.
I be single, and I don't plan on changing that status any time soon.
I hope to become an actress when I grow up, with a minor in Business.
sweet_control = Nana's Organization Muse Box~♥
break_control = Nana's Playing Muse Box~♦